The main forms of PCBA testing


The main forms of PCBA testing are: ICT test, FCT test, aging test, fatigue test, and test in the harsh environment. The PCB proofing board is described as follows:

1. ICT test mainly includes circuit continuity, voltage and current values and fluctuation curves, amplitude, noise, etc.

2. The FCT test requires IC program firing, simulates the function of the entire PCBA board, finds problems in the hardware and software, and equips the necessary production fixtures and test stands.

3. The aging test is mainly to energize the PCBA board and electronic products for a long time, keep their work and observe whether there is any failure failure. After the aging test, the electronic products can be sold in batches.

4, fatigue test is mainly to sample the PCBA board, and perform high-frequency, long-term operation of the function, to observe whether there is a failure, such as continuous click of the mouse up to 100,000 times or 10,000 times of LED lights, test the probability of failure, This is used to feedback the performance of the PCBA board in the electronic product.

5. The test under the harsh environment is mainly to expose the PCBA board to the limit temperature, humidity, drop, splashing water and vibration, and obtain the test result of the random sample, so as to infer the reliability of the entire PCBA board batch product.

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